+ Type of generation : corona discharge
  + Ozone output : max 800mg/hr (20”ĘC, RH 30%)
  + Ozone output control knob : variable ozone output
    control 20~100% range
  + Fan size : max 105 CFM
  + Electricity : AC 220V/60Hz, 55W max
  + Operating temperature : 0~40”ĘC, RH 90% max
  + Dimensions : D132mm X W370mm X H160mm
  + Weight : 3.1 kg
  + Timer set : can select "Continuous",or "2~60minutes
    timed" operation
  Constructions : Stainless steel and reinforced PBT
  Warranty : 1 year warranty from date of purchase for materials and workmanship
  Maintenance : clean corona discharge assembly once every 2~12 weeks depending on air
  +  Keep hospital rooms fresh and reduces risk of infections by virus, bacteria etc.
  +  Removes odors from hotel rooms and also reduces cleaning time of hotel rooms.
  +  Sanitizing of food processing facilities.
  +  Preserve freshness of fruits and vegetables in the refrigerated warehouses
  +  Removes odors and disinfection of restaurants, cafe, billiards, beauty shop etc.
  +  Removes odors from used cars after repairs by dealers or repair shop.
  +  Removes odors of paints, solvents or organic chemicals from plant and buildings.
  +  Aid for asthma and allergic diseases.