Ionfall is especially good for:
  + Office workers in the "stale" indoor
  + Students who have to study for many hours
  + Patients suffering from allergy, asthma, and nasitis.
  + Children and the old who have weak immune system.
  Cleansing functions for the environment
  + Absorbs and removes cigarette smoke and dust.
  + Removes various odors such as cigarette or fungus smell.
  + Restricts and sterilizes various harmful germs.
  + Generates high density of negative ions that remove
     odors, providing a clean and fresh environment.
  + Enhances concentration and prevents fatigue and
  + Neutralizes carbon monoxide /
     Removes cigarette smell /reduces bacteria & viruses.
  + Generates high energy negative ion
     - strong effectiveness
  Working Voltage : 12VDC10%
  Adaptor : 90V234VAC
  Weight : About 35g
  Power consumption : Max. 1.2W
  Ion concentration : 1,000,000 ions/cc
  (measuring distance : 60cm)
  Ozone concentration: Less than 0.002ppm
  (measuring distance : 5cm)