Ionfall lets you breath cleaner, fresher air
  Wherever you go.
  +  Patients suffering from allergy, asthma, and nasitis.
  +  People who are prone to bad colds.
  +  Drivers who have to drive long distance in heavy  
  +  Children with weak immune system.
  +  Absorbs and removes cigarette smoke and dust.

+  Removes various odors such as cigarette or fungus smell.

  +  Restricts and sterilizes various harmful germs.
  -  Quoted from the theses of Dr.Krueger of Buckley University, California, USA,Dr.
      Sulman of Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and Dr.Moor of Mingum University.
  +  Generates high density of negative ions that remove odors, providing a clean and
      fresh driving environment.
  +  Enhances concentration and prevents fatigue and drowsiness.
  +  Neutralizes carbon monoxide / Removes cigarette smell / reduces bacteria & viruses.
  +  Generates high energy negative ion-strong effectiveness.
  + According to Dr. Krueger of Buckley University in California, USA-
    Anion reduces serotonin in the body and consequently makes people active and
    act more swiftly and carefully.
    Dr. Krueger has found that anion can stop the generation of bacerid and fungus;
    thus confirming the therapeutic effects of anion.